Durian Dash


Gatherers’ Tavern is proud to be the authorized distributor of Origame’s board games. Designer of these amazing games, Daryl Chow, Ph.D., is a globally acclaimed and award-winning board game designer with extensive international experience, having designed games for companies all around the world. Origame believes that their board games have the power to build relationships and communities, and hope that their games will have a cultural and social impact in years to come.

A Durian-Grabbing Card Game about Singaporeans’ Favourite Fruit Designed by Daryl Chow

Ages 8+. 15-20 minutes playtime. 3-6 players.


Love it or hate it, the durian is Singapore’s most iconic and arguably favourite fruit. Known as the King of Fruits, durians are known to smell like hell but taste like heaven.

In Durian Dash, players will need to visit different plantations to collect their favourite durians to win the game. But beware – to become the King of Kings, you will need to watch out for the other players’ spikes!

What’s inside:

  • 60 Durian cards
  • 50 Action cards
  • 8 Preference cards
  • 12 Player cards
  • 2 Plantation cards
  • 1 Rulebook and Glossary