5 Tips to Own your First MTG Original Art

Have you thought of owning an original piece of art from your favorite card? Here are 5 ways you can do it!

Two of our favourite pieces: Quinton Hoover’s Forest (left) and Richard Kane Ferguson’s Tourach’s Chant (right)

Ever thought about owning an original piece of Magic: The Gathering’s artwork? Here are 5 simple steps on how you can do it.

1. Reach out to your favourite artist

Our trip through the Death Valley: Meeting with Anson Maddocks

This method may not always yield the best result but if you never try, you never know. In fact, this is how we started our journey in collecting Magic: The Gathering original art. We connected with several MTG alpha artists and eventually paid some of them a visit during our trip to Grand Prix Las Vegas 2018! While many of the sought-after pieces were already bought, we still went home as happy owners of original art which we never thought we could own.

2. Finding an agent

A trade with Jerry Simon: featuring Mark Tedin’s Temple Bell (left) and Richard Kane Ferguson’s Dingus Staff (right)

There are a handful of agents that represent MTG artists. You can drop them an email or connect with them via Facebook. Here are some agents we have worked with before: Adam St Piere, Jerry Simon, Mark Aronowitz and Mike Linnermann, etc.

3. Art Market Facebook Group

MTG Art Market: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1884307028466174

Here is where you will find public auctions of new and old original art. Anyone can bid/sell their pieces here. Most of the time when there is a new art, agents that represent the artist would auction it on the group. 

4. eBay / Heritage auction

eBay’s search results on Magic: The Gathering Original Painting

From time to time, we do see some collectors listing their pieces for sale on sites like eBay and Heritage auction. You can enable notifications for a new listing with keywords such as Original Magic: The Gathering Artwork/painting on these platforms. 

5. Magic Fest

We hope the COVID-19 pandemic will soon be over for us to have magic fests again! Without these shows, it is hard to connect with artists who have little social media presence or are not represented by an agent.

Buying art can be very addictive so do remember to create a budget for yourself to avoid overspending! Do not be worried about missing out when you are unable to purchase a piece that you like. While every art piece is unique, there are still many MTG original art pieces that are being auctioned and sold on the various platforms shared above. 

Article updated on: 1 May 2021


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