Each statue painstakingly hand-painted with a high-quality finish.
Each statue handcrafted with intricate and dynamic details.
399 Pieces Worldwide
Each statue individually numbered and registered to its owner.
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2 Head-sculpt
Each planeswalker in her element or powers activated!
Limited Edition
Magic: The Gathering's ultimate memorabilia

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"She has arrived!!! 😍 First statue I’ve owned so it had to be the Dreadhorde General herself. Card is there for scale because omg this thing huge. #wotcstaff"
"It's incredibly well made and sculpted and yet easy to assemble... putting together this literal work of art."

About the artist

Responsible for well over 100 pieces of Magic art, If you’ve looked at a fantasy property in the past decade (and more), you’ve likely seen Magali Villeneuve’s art. From jaw-droppingly-beautiful people to intricate landscapes with unfathomable detail, it’s clear why Magali is a genre favorite. 

a closer look at our statues

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Unxboxing videos

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Curious to find out what others think about our statue? Check out the Professor’s unboxing video from Tolarian Community College

Here’s another review from Gavin Verhey (GoodMorningMagic), who had the chance to assemble our Liliana Vess statue at Gencon 2022.