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About Origame

Origame is led and founded by designer, Daryl Chow, Ph.D. is a globally acclaimed and award-winning board game designer with extensive international experience, having designed games for companies all around the world. Origame believes that their board games have the power to build relationships and communities, and hope that their games will have a cultural and social impact in years to come.

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"Overall, I thought Rainforest City was a blast... It’s a good-looking game and I really like games that teach the importance of conservation and ecology. It’s a good look. There are also a surprising number of variants for the game, which I appreciate, even if it means more things I need to consider in my review."
"All in all, Wok and Roll really is a solid roll and write game, and thanks to the double-sided menu, one that is easy to introduce to just about any gamer in your life and for those that want something fast and easy or something puzzly and thinky all in a small box. "
"Once you get a hang of things though, you realize the game really opens and you start to visualize the different possible combos and tactics. Plantopia is a quick card game, for up to 5 players, that has layers of strategy under the veil of cute plants and puns."
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