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Whilst protecting your collectibles from being stolen is hard to control unless you place your items in a high-security vault-like Fort Knox, it is more probable that your beloved items will be damaged one way or another due to a variety of reasons and the good thing is that most of this is in your control!
Graded Slab Display Cases PSA

When it comes to collecting as a hobby, whether you are an aspiring antiquarian scouring the land to acquire vintage items, an astute investor looking for the next big thing, or just an avid fan armed with love, passion, and nostalgia, building a collection of… literally anything requires, time, knowledge and of course money.

Regardless of how much our collections actually cost, as collectors, we all know the feeling of pride and elation that our little treasure hoards evoke when we view them privately or show them off proudly, and conversely how much we are saddened if we ever have to let go of a part of it or if they should ever, god forbid, get damaged or lost. The damage to both the products and us… would be devastating, to say the least.

Magic The Gathering Power 9
Magic the Gathering’s coveted Power Nine, estimated to cost about $30,000 per set. Have you ever beheld one?

Whilst protecting your collectibles from being stolen is hard to control unless you place your items in a high-security vault-like Fort Knox, it is more probable that your beloved items will be damaged one way or another due to a variety of reasons and the good thing is that most of this is in your control!

There are many types of collections out there where getting the necessary protection for your items, such as large-scale figurines or art pieces, that can be even more time-consuming and stress-inducing than collecting the pieces of the collection themselves, on top of being expensive. That is due to the custom nature of such collections and the niche quality and demand of the protection required. 

Collector's cabinet Museum Grade
Ever wanted a sleek custom display cabinet for your collectible cards? *Kudos to Collectors’ Cabinets for such a masterful piece.

While most collectors know the basics of protecting their cards with clear plastic sleeves and binders, when it comes to sealed products in general, most people just put them on open display, or chuck them aside in a corner in some cardboard boxes. However, this is not optimal and, in some cases, may actually damage the products if not handled properly. Luckily for us, there has been a company that has stepped up to the plate and is committed to making sure the basic bases of sealed Trading Card Game (TCG) collection needs for the masses are met, and that company is BOCS Designs.

Bocs Designs
For collectors, by collectors, they know what we all want.

When it comes to the budding hobby of collecting trading cards, there are a plethora of ways to start a collection from single cards to sealed products, and now we finally have a trusted way to store, display and keep your TCG collection safe! Gone are the days where we collectors used loosely similar-sized clear plastic tubs or containers from our nearest Walmart or home improvement stores and tons of silica gel to protect our highly prized items! BOCS Designs introduces a large variety of high-quality display cases, for many different product lines, specifically designed to display, protect, and of course, flaunt, your most precious of possessions! Custom-made to the tee, these products suit each item they were made for perfectly so that you’ll always get the best looking and most secure fit possible!

Booster Pack Display Case
Flaunting your most enjoyed sets from your favourite Trading Card Game? BOCS has got you covered with sleek and functional displays.

BOCS’s Designs growing repertoire of products are their main selling point as they are all designed in-house by experts in the know and manufactured with the strictest of quality guidelines! Made from thick, ultra-clear acrylic panels and joined professionally by hand to maximize your collectible’s viewing pleasure, these products come equipped with strong recessed magnets to ensure the whole ensemble comes perfectly together or apart when needed. Each product in their line-up is measured and tested to perfectly fit a singular item, all to ensure your items are well-protected from damage, dust, and humidity in an airtight case. This is exactly what the doctor (or your local hobby store owner) ordered for a well-maintained collection that will stand the test of time!

No matter how you choose to collect your trading cards, BOCS has something for you! From single cardholder slabs to booster pack stands (as shown above), and even specific booster box casings that come in either clear or UV filtering variants for the collectors who love their items to be front and center in their home displays without any extra frills or special equipment! These casings give that extra oomph for looking good as display pieces while doing a swell job in protecting their VIPs. 

Graded Slab Display Cases PSA
Just look at these display cases! For so long we have waited for this match made in heaven to show off our goods!

As a bonus, many of the larger display cases are stackable and come with 4 adhesive grip pads for enhanced stability, which gives even more options on where and how you can display your collection! If you ever wanted to, you could possibly even make your very own recreation of say… the Sky Tower from Pokemon Emerald using Pokemon sealed products complete with a little Rayquaza figurine on top! The sky is the limit after all when it comes to displaying your flair with these bad boys! (It is unfortunate that we do not have the capability to reconstruct this, but humanity now has the technology to do so!)

While BOCS’s premier products may seem a little pricey to the average collector, you really do get what you pay for ultimately in terms of selection and materials, and when it comes to TCG collectibles where the value of the products may shoot up in the years to come, proper storage is of the utmost importance, even more so if you are the type to want your collectibles out on open display. The elements are not your friends in these cases, and you wouldn’t want your once beautiful and pristine items to become faded and damaged over time based on your living conditions! Always be sure to keep your collectibles properly, even when they are not being displayed, or you might be in store for about of heartache further down the line!

Sealed Booster Display Case
“Pride and precision make the perfect products”

A collection that is properly cared for and kept mint will bring an infinite more amount of joy whilst in the hobby, and probably a sizeable return on investment should you ever want to relinquish any part of your collectible empire in the days to come. Time and time again we have seen great collections become just okay ones over time due to neglect and a lack of understanding of what the hobby requires, and we wouldn’t want anyone to lose out in the long run if they can help it! If you are new to the hobby and you know you’ve come into possession of a valuable collectible or have an item that holds much sentimentality to you, take our word and protect it just like you would yourself or your other valuables, you will not regret it. As for those in the know, what else can we say except, it’s about time.

Broken PSA Slab
“I used to be beautiful once…”
Don’t let this fate befall your prized possessions! 

The future of collectibles looks bright for us all and here’s hoping that BOCS continues to make stellar products to protect our collections so they may bloom like beautiful and bountiful trees that we may admire and reap the fruits of our labor from! Till next time, remember to always keep your collectibles fresh and out of distress!


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